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With all of the advancements in the home security market, there are so many security camera and system options to choose from. One of the most impressive includes the CCTV security camera. Here are some tips for those of you planning on purchasing and installing a CCTV security camera system in your home.
First off, it is very important to simply know, if you do not already, what exactly differentiates CCTV security cameras from other types of security cameras.

The main difference between CCTV security cameras and older security cameras is in the wiring. Wait, did I just say wiring? With CCTV security cameras, there really isn’t any wiring necessary in order to view your home security camera activity when using CCTV security camera systems.

Originally it was for more commercial purposes, but now it is being used in many homes and not just massive mansions either.
CCTV security cameras have many options and these are things that must be weight because even though they have come down in price greatly, CCTV security cameras can get quite expensive…especially if you have one by every door and window which turns on lights, calls the cops and sets off alarms all over.

One major difference that really allows one to view their CCTV security camera anywhere on their laptop, cell phone, TV or more is the fact that CCTV security cameras are IP-based.

This means that there is a network established for the CCTV security camera system and it can be accessed anywhere one can get onto the CCTV security camera’s network and IP address.
Not only do you no longer need video tapes and wires all over to record images and video, but you can also do so on your laptop computer or other recording device that can connect to the CCTV security camera network.
So overall, when making your first CCTV security camera purchase, try to think about a few things listed here in order to have no regret after you finalize your purchase. However, there are plenty more sources for information on CCTV security camera systems as well as on here.


  • Ask yourself what exactly you really need the CCTV security camera for. Again, do you REALLY need the attic vent protected by a CCTV security camera? It’s really not a joke; some people really DO cover these areas.
  • Do you prefer color images or grayscale images? Remember it’s hard to see a lot of colors in the dark as it will require much more lighting that CCTV security cameras which come in “darkness-friendly” modes. Color pictures would be more preferable indoors where there are plenty of lights on while people are present or lights on timers throughout the house.
  • How much are you really willing to spend on a CCTV security camera system?
  • Where are you planning on viewing the CCTV security camera images? Laptop, TV? Think about how you prefer your pictures as monitors do make a difference in many cases.
  • In regards to the actual resolution and clarity of images, there are a couple different types of CCTV security cameras, CMOS and CCD. We recommend CCD because of the better picture it can provide. Also, CCD has image sensors inside the camera which can really make a difference in your CCTV security camera system.
  • Think about what you would like to do with the images from the CCTV security camera. Are you planning on storing many of the images? If so, be sure you have a place to put them and a way to GET them there. Digital video recorders can record the images which can be transferred to your computer.


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