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Home Surveillance Cameras

With all of the advancements in the home security market, there are so many security camera and system options to choose from. One of the most impressive includes the CCTV security camera. Here are some tips for those of you planning on purchasing and installing a CCTV security camera system in your home.
First off, it is very important to simply know, if you do not already, what exactly differentiates CCTV security cameras from other types of security cameras.

The main difference between CCTV security cameras and older security cameras is in the wiring. Wait, did I just say wiring? With CCTV security cameras, there really isn’t any wiring necessary in order to view your home security camera activity when using CCTV security camera systems.

Originally it was for more commercial purposes, but now it is being used in many homes and not just massive mansions either.
CCTV security cameras have many options and these are things that must be weight because even though they have come down in price greatly, CCTV security cameras can get quite expensive…especially if you have one by every door and window which turns on lights, calls the cops and sets off alarms all over.

One major difference that really allows one to view their CCTV security camera anywhere on their laptop, cell phone, TV or more is the fact that CCTV security cameras are IP-based.

This means that there is a network established for the CCTV security camera system and it can be accessed anywhere one can get onto the CCTV security camera’s network and IP address.
Not only do you no longer need video tapes and wires all over to record images and video, but you can also do so on your laptop computer or other recording device that can connect to the CCTV security camera network.
So overall, when making your first CCTV security camera purchase, try to think about a few things listed here in order to have no regret after you finalize your purchase. However, there are plenty more sources for information on CCTV security camera systems as well as on here.

  • Ask yourself what exactly you really need the CCTV security camera for. Again, do you REALLY need the attic vent protected by a CCTV security camera? It’s really not a joke; some people really DO cover these areas.
  • Do you prefer color images or grayscale images? Remember it’s hard to see a lot of colors in the dark as it will require much more lighting that CCTV security cameras which come in “darkness-friendly” modes. Color pictures would be more preferable indoors where there are plenty of lights on while people are present or lights on timers throughout the house.
  • How much are you really willing to spend on a CCTV security camera system?
  • Where are you planning on viewing the CCTV security camera images? Laptop, TV? Think about how you prefer your pictures as monitors do make a difference in many cases.
  • In regards to the actual resolution and clarity of images, there are a couple different types of CCTV security cameras, CMOS and CCD. We recommend CCD because of the better picture it can provide. Also, CCD has image sensors inside the camera which can really make a difference in your CCTV security camera system.
  • Think about what you would like to do with the images from the CCTV security camera. Are you planning on storing many of the images? If so, be sure you have a place to put them and a way to GET them there. Digital video recorders can record the images which can be transferred to your computer.

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Things to Do to Burglar Proof Your Home

Simple Tips on Securing your Homes from Burglars

Did you know that property crime happens every 3 seconds and home burglary occurs every 15 seconds? Quite unbelievable, isn’t? But that is reality. Gone were the days when our great grandparents can leave their homes without locking the doors. You need to watch over your house every now and then or get a good security system so that you can leave the house with a peace of mind.

Many have been said about getting expensive but advanced home security systems. You can search the Internet and get the best ever security systems installed on your homes.

Every home is a potential candidate for criminals. But what could be the reason why they break into this house and not the other? The answer is simple. You need to make sure that your home is unappealing to the burglars so that you can safeguard your homes.

Here are some ideas or tips so that burglars will be turned off with your home.

1. You can let go of the thought of having huge electric bill. Just put lights all over the house to shun these burglars away. Lights can be decorative and can bring forth a good ambiance in the house. But these lights are the main reason why burglars would not want to break into your homes. Put lights on spots on your house where burglars can use to go in. Put lights on the door, driveway, sidewalk, small rooms or windows.

2. Use curtains to cover your windows. Of course, if the burglar could not see what is inside, he would not think of breaking in since he would not be attracted with the beautiful sofa that you have, the gold figurines and expensive vases that you have. Don’t ever give the criminal the idea that he can get a lot from your house.

3. Make sure that your doors and windows are locked. You just don’t need to lock the doors and windows during the night. There have been reports that 30 percent of burglaries happen in while the sun shines brightly. The burglars enter the home simply walking through the door which is opened and crawled in from that opened window.

4. Make sure to trim the shrubs, trees and plants in your garden. These can be hiding grounds for burglars. They might be observing you and your family behind these trees and are ready to get in once you are all asleep. Also, if you have trimmed the trees, your neighbors can have a better view of what is happening on your home.

5. Put gravel on the ground of your windows. This is a unique alarm. Once someone walks on the gravel, you will be warned that someone might be planning an assault to your home. Just make sure that you do not put large rocks that burglars can use as tools in breaking in.

6. Plant roses or any thorny plans along your fence. These can be used as initial weapons for burglars. This will discourage them from climbing your fence.

7. Your street or house number should be clear. This will help the authorities in easily locating your place should and alarm will inform them of possible burglary.

8. Get good quality locks. Consider buying a double-tumbler deadbolt lock. These kinds of locks will only be opened using one key. So burglars can not just break in and turn the handle of the door.

9. Make use of the security stickers from your home security company. Usually, if your home is monitored using a security system, a sticker or a sign comes with it. Use these to discourage attempts from burglars or theft for having your home as a prospect for the next victim.

10. Should you be out of the house, make an illusion that someone is still at home. You can turn the lights on or even have a timer for lamps to be switched on during the night. You can also time your TV to discourage burglary during the day.

Guide to Home Security Devices

Most often, once you own home, you already think of things on how to secure this hard earned investment. Even more, you would not want to sacrifice the safety of your family. You just want to go into details of making sure that your home and your family are both safe. They are the precious things you have at this moment and you would just want to have a peace of mind as long as they are the ones concerned.

But with a lot of home security systems that are popping in the market, you need to know which home security system will work best for you, your family and your home. There are home security systems that are cheap but offer only basic features while there are some that are expensive but with wide features that are much useful.

Usually, basic home security systems price start at the rate of $32.99. This basic package may include a keypad, offsite control, sensors, access monitors, keypads and control panel. A monitored home alarm system is the simplest and commonly used for hone security. A keypad device is being installed. This has its own special numeric code to deactivate or activate the alarm system. Should an attempt to enter the house occurs, the alarm will be triggered and a siren alarm will be heard. And with the use of simple computerized transmission, the police will be right on your doorstep in no time.

However, if you want a more comprehensive package for your home security system, you can always opt for advanced home security systems. The prices of these security systems may range from $1200 to as much as $2000. Usually, the complete package for a home security system will include a motion detector light, alarm, locks, VCR, monitor, security cameras. Additionally, there are already security systems that would even include smoke and fire monitoring or carbon monoxide detection. These will guarantee that you can rest your mind from any worries about your safety. Even your health is secured with these kinds of systems.

Though price plays an important aspect in getting the best home security system, you should also try to compare the features and the benefits that you can get from each company or product you choose. Here are helpful information you need to know when comparing the security systems that are being offered.

1. You need to have full knowledge of the product that is being offered by each company. There are some companies that offer basic package and some offers an advanced package. Usually, burglars will not get into your house if they find that there are alarms or detectors in the house. But some may still break into your house even if you have these security devices. So it is better to get detailed information about the product that would beat professional thefts and slow down their invasion just in time for the authorities to appear on your doorstep.
2. Take into consideration the after sale service included with the deal. Try to inquire if the company would be cooperative enough to help you in the future for repairs or even assistance with any concerns you have with the product. Even if the security system is rather cheap but can provide long tern relationship with you, inasmuch as after sales services are concern, then you could even consider this especially if you only need a simple package.
3. Stick with your budget. Of course almost all people would want to have a safe home. But then you need to also check with the company if they can offer the best that suited your needs and at the same time can help you with your budget. There are even some reasonably priced companies that would be willing to help you design a system with the house layout that you have.
4. There are also questions that you need to consider when comparing security products or companies. Here are some:

  • Has the company been in the business for long?
  • Does this company have specialty with residential home security systems?
  • Does the company garner a Consumer Digest Best Buy award?
  • Does it offer full service from installing to monitoring?
  • Does it have licensed employees that have been background checked?

    Be sure to compare first the features and benefits that they offer before you go with the products or company. This will guarantee that you will get a lifelong peace of mind.